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Jan 21, 2014

For the momentous occasion of our 20th episode, we Battle Bards have chosen to examine the epic music of... Flyff?  Seriously?  OK, who thought this was a good idea?  No, no, we'll go ahead and do the show, we're professionals.  But Flyff?

Yes.  Flyff.  More Flyff than you can handle!


Episode 20 show notes

  • Introduction (including “Title Screen" and "General")
  • "Flaris Town Theme"
  • "Death"
  • "Saint Morning"
  • "Crisis/Darkon 1-2 Battle Theme"
  • "General Theme (Flaris)"
  • "Playground"
  • "Darkon Forest Theme"
  • Which one did we like the best?
  • Mail from Rowan
  • Mail from Dolnor
  • Outro (“Playground”)

Special thanks to Tesh for the Battle Bards logo!