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May 27, 2014

The intriguing and diverse Runes of Magic soundtrack is next on the warpath for the conquering Battle Bards!  Opinions are all across the board as the insults and disagreements fly fast and furious, but in the end all is forgiven, hugs are meted out, and the crew agrees on at least a couple of excellent tracks worthy of your time.

Episode 28 show notes

  • Intro (featuring “Main Theme," "Blazing Battle," and "Absurdia")
  • "Main Theme Chapter 4"
  • "Adventure"
  • "Silverspring Day 2"
  • "The Radiant Arcanum"
  • "Tower of Wailing Wind"
  • "Varanas City"
  • "Traveling Tale"
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Mail From Zoward
  • Mail from Shintar
  • Reminder about listener episode submissions
  • Outro (featuring "The Radiant Arcanum")

almost ten years ago

I like this song from FFXI a lot, although it's probably not easy to discuss this since it's a vocal track.

almost ten years ago

I really did not expect music of this quality from Runes of Magic, such a pleasant surprise! You can hear that Runewaker made an effort to avoid a completely generic fantasy soundtrack.