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Jun 10, 2014

When you think of MMO music, it's rare to put a voice to the tunes.  But more often than you'd think, these tracks have amazing vocals that lend an important layer to the proceedings.  In this episode, the bards focus on their favorite MMO songs -- and even break out in a ditty or two themselves!

Episode 29 show notes

  • Intro (featuring "Forest Calling" from Lineage II and "NPC Song" from Guild Wars 2)
  • "Invincible" from World of Warcraft
  • "Briarheart" from Free Realms
  • "Cataclistic" from Runes of Magic
  • "Forgotten Sorrow" from Aion
  • "Sunrise" from Wurm Online
  • "Three Hearts as One" from Elder Scrolls Online
  • "Fear Not This Night" from Guild Wars 2
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Mail from Jeni
  • Outro ("Kobold Still Hates You" from Dungeons and Dragons Online)

almost ten years ago

Hey! Marathoned through the podcast after hearing about it on the massively podcast a few weeks ago (which should be done more often). have to say loving the show. It did become quite apparent to me around the epic boss music episode that you guys are not overly familiar with ff14's 2.0 soundtrack.
with the relaunch they also redid most of the music in the game. now mostly composed by Masayoshi Soken it is from what i have been told quite different from the original release.

on the subject of epic boss tracks each of the primals (classic FF summons) has a unique track just for them. usually composed of vocals and transitions that will correspond to boss phases.

personally i think this is a soundtrack that begs for its own episode. or at the very least give it a good listen.

almost ten years ago

Thank you for an interesting topic, I didn't know so many MMO songs had vocal versions; although I hadn't known any had vocal versions before I discovered the Payon theme and Wanna be free!! from Ragnarok online. (I haven't played RO for a long time but I still like the music.)

Speaking of Ragnarok, I think it's hard not to compare it with Granado Espada - RO's original lead designer made GE after leaving Gravity and group who composed majority of early RO songs (SoundTeMP) also worked on GE. On the other hand, while the soundtrack is really diverse, it doesn't feel so much all over the place the way GE's does. Still, there's calm themes like Streamside (which actually reminds me of the "Poring island" map, with newbies and various kinds of porings frolicking around) and Theme of Payon (a city with Korean feel, although I think they are not above stereotyping their own country), more dynamic songs like Wanna Be Free (theme for War of Emperium - GvG castle siege), Erebos' Prelude, and Monastery in Disguise (both are themes for dungeons from episodes 10 and 11, which felt a bit darker than most of the earlier content) or songs like Don't Piss Me Off (appropriate name for the Assassins' guild map) and Adios (jungle-themed Umbala maps).

I really like your podcast and the choice of games and music; I know the non-epic music isn't to everyone's tastes but I'm sure there is more people who appreciate happy uplifting music because you can never have enough positive emotions in a MMO (especially when pugging); and the fact you do not shy away from it in the podcast.