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Oct 21, 2014

Pack  your coin purse, for the Battle Bards are off to the market!  In this episode, we'll examine music not only from MMO marketplaces, but tracks that inspire the feeling and atmosphere of bustling towns, harbors with ships being unloaded, and merchants selling exotic wares.  It's so much happy and uplifting music that you'll forget to be an internet cynic for at least two days!

Episode 37 show notes

  • Intro (featuring "Nightfall Freedom Harbor" from Forsaken World and "Brownie Storehouse" from Vanguard)
  • "Selbina" from Final Fantasy XI
  • "The Town Market" from Elsword Online
  • "Inside the Marketplace Tent" from Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • "Town of Giran" from Lineage II
  • "Draynor Market" from RuneScape
  • "Free Market" from MapleStory
  • "Town of Morvan" from Vindictus
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Mail from Logun
  • Outro

Cindy Croft
nine and a half years ago

The track from Elsword Online definitely had some traditional JRPG parts in it (currently playing Bravely Default on my 3DS so it is fresh in my mind).

Also the Town of Giran track from Lineage II conjures up an image of ships being unloaded/loaded in a harbor town.

Thanks for the great shows.