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May 30, 2013

This week on Battle Bards, Composer Chance Thomas joins the bards to talk about the stories behind Lord of the Rings Online's score.  It's a strange chance to offer our own reviews and then have the composer review our reviews on the spot -- but we loved it.  It's equal parts education, entertainment, and Elves on this preciousss episode!


Episode 4 show notes

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over ten years ago

Great article.

almost eleven years ago

That was great. All the Hobbit themed music in LotRO imho reaches well beyond the game, it taps directly into that part of us that just wants to be happy. It is quite revealing, as a reflection of our thought process, that we have to listen to so much stressful music on the radio and television. Why cant' we hear such delightful music more often?

Another MMO which music has been unforgettable for me is Ever Quest II. The orchestral music composed by Laura Karpman for this game is amazing, she did a really wondeful job of capturing the sense of adventure, and high fantasy unique to the world of Norrath. Some favourites: the theme song (of course, an epic remake of the original theme), Antonica, Commonlands, Thundering Steppes, Enchanting Lands, Tower of the Drafling (this one's can grate on you, but the evocation of busy bees is so neat).. could go on and on.

almost eleven years ago

Very well done! It was very enlightening, hearing from Chance about his creative process in composing.

almost eleven years ago

I've had the Tom Bombadil theme in my house for the longest time too. Very interesting to learn about its history. Goes to show you how good of a job Chance did in conveying its true purpose in its melody.