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Feb 17, 2015

This week the Bards have invited long-time friend and listener Belghast to join them -- and to pick the topic for the show! Bel picked a fun and unusual theme: Rocking out with electric guitars. Do MMOs and rock mix? On this particular episode they do!

Episode 45 show notes

  • Intro (featuring "Blue Turns to Grey" from Tabula Rasa, "Battle on the Big Bridge Reborn" from FFXIV, and "Prologue" from Castlevania SOTN)
  • "Titan Battle Theme" from FFXIV
  • "Alonewolf" from Rusty Hearts
  • "Toko" from Granado Espada
  • "Character Select/Map Load" from Heroes of the Storm
  • "New Conglomerate Main Theme" from PlanetSide 2
  • "Malicia's Finale" from DDO
  • "Lucid Dreaming" from Aion
  • What track did we like the best?
  • Mail from Akiranon
  • Outro

Zulika Mi-Nam
over nine years ago

Sorry for some reason I thought Syl was from Sweden and would therefore know who Yngwie (pronounced ing-vay here in the US) was by default - he was recently inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. He bought the idea of mixing classical pieces into metal with electric guitar to the masses and spawned a genre known as neoclassical metal.
Here is an instrumental and a Viking themed song from his mid 80s releases:
Sorry for the mixup.

Zulika Mi-Nam
over nine years ago

There were some good surprises in this show.
Thanks Syl for mentioning Viking Metal. I used to like/play a lot of Yngwie type stuff, but I did not know about the genre. I now have a new Pandora station - metal with flutes, who knew.