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Feb 29, 2016

Today, the Battle Bards are back for a special update and podcast episode!

First things first, for all those of you who frequent twitter and would like to receive regular updates on our shows as well as MMO music in general, you can now follow us via our official twitter feed @battlebardscast. Don't hesitate to contact us there or leave feedback or suggestions on twitter in the future - we love to hear from you!

As some of you know, Battle Bards is part of The Gaming and Entertainment Network, a free collaboration of independent gaming and geekery related podcasts bringing news, discussion and shenanigans to audiences since 2014. TGEN also hosts a quarterly round-table show, the TGEN Tribunal, across all our podcasts which is hosted by a different member every time in order to spread some linklove across all our shows and make discovery easier for our individual audiences. For this fourth episode of the Tribunal, it was our turn with Syl doing the honors on behalf of Battle Bards.

 TGEN Tribunal Episode 04 show notes

  • VR in Gaming 2016: Are we excited yet?
  • Crowdfunding versus E-Begging: What's the difference?
  • Non-Combat MMOs/games: Can we do this already?

All music intro/outros via


Thanks to our listeners for tuning in and supporting TGEN! You can find regular updates from all our shows on the official website or follow the network on twitter @TGENPodcastNet. See you next week as business resumes as usual here on Battle Bards with a brand new episode 70 - it's getting ambient!