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Jul 1, 2014

As Battle Bards hits its 30th podcast, the crew turns the show over to... you, the listener!  With this episode, we kick off the first of two shows where each pick is made by fans.  What will they pick and what do both they and we have to say about thse tracks?  Find out!

Episode 30 show notes

  • Intro (featuring "Karakorum" from Auto Assault)
  • "Saga of the Norn" from Guild Wars 2 (suggested by Dibstaru)
  • "Guardian/Sanctum Theme" from RIFT (suggested by Scott)
  • "Booty Bay" from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (suggested by Shay)
  • "Mithlond" from Lord of the Rings Online (suggested by Michael)
  • "Land of the Golden Sun" from Guild Wars: Nightfall (suggested by Kevin)
  • "Desert Travel" from PlanetSide (suggested by Reese)
  • What did we like the best?
  • Mail from Shay
  • Outro (featuring "Disband Deed" from Wurm Online)

almost ten years ago

jeremy soules horns < metal horns \m/

over ten years ago

It's me, Kevin. :D

I thought I'd give a little more frame of reference behind my comments on the "traditional Jeremy Soule" horns.

I think what I was trying to communicate may have been more the way that Soule uses horns. They're soaring and have a tendency to be a centerpiece of his more driven pieces.

Some other good examples:

Overture from Eye of the North (

Serpent Riders

And since there was some questions about me, I don't really blog ( is a placeholder really), but you can follow me on twitter @kevinbrill.

Thanks for featuring my submission and keep up the good work!