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Sep 28, 2022

Chances are you've never heard of today's featured MMO -- or its quirky little soundtrack! So why not come along with Syp and Syl to explore Legend of Edda, a now-defunct RPG set in a realm of Greek Mythology?

Episode 217 show notes

  • Intro (feat. “Ballack's Castle” and “Cybele Garden”)
  • “Title Theme"

  • "Frigid Valley"
  • "Gaiyan Town"
  • "Wailing Wall"
  • "Kobalos Mines"
  • "Silver Lake"
  • Which one did we like best?
  • Jukebox Picks: “Millick Meadows (Night)” from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and “Drug Store” from EarthBound
  • Outro (feat. “Boreas Temple”)