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Jan 15, 2020

For the first time since Episode 50, the Battle Bards crew returns to the theme of cover songs of MMO tracks. Several extremely musicians tackled their favorite MMORPG tunes to our delight, taking us on a breathless tour of their spin of these classic tunes. Since we want to give all of the artists full credit, you can find links to their full tracks in the show notes -- give them a listen!

Episode 160 show notes

  • Intro (feat. "Grizzly Hills Theme" from World of Warcraft, "Main Theme" from Albion Online, and "Fear Not This Night" from Guild Wars 2)
  • "Gondamon Theme" from Lord of the Rings Online, performed by Brandon Skelton
  • "The Secret World" from The Secret World, performed by Lord Bif Music
  • "Forest Calling" from Lineage II, performed by Dryante Zan
  • "Heavensward Synth" from Final Fantasy XIV, performed by Dutyyaknow 
  • "Arthas Theme" from World of Warcraft, performed by Eliott Tordo 
  • "The Tale of the Mad King Thorn" from Guild Wars 2, performed by Sharm
  • "Stones" from Ultima Online, performed by Mathias Semborg 
  • Which one did we like most?
  • Jukebox Picks: "Jade Plateau" from Blast Corps, "The Trial" from Epoch, and "An Endless Beach" from Death Stranding
  • Outro (feat. "Kelethin" from EverQuest)