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Aug 27, 2013

What pleases the Battle Bards? To crush their enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their husbands.  Also, good music, which is why the bards are diving into the Age of Conan soundtrack this week!  There are divided opinions on this incredibly popular score -- listen and see where you fall!


Episode 10 show notes

  • Introduction (including "Northern Grassland")
  • "Hamlets of Aquilonia"
  • "All Heroes Unite"
  • "Memories of Cimmeria"
  • "Villages of Khitai"
  • "Ambush from Three Directions"
  • "The Sands of Forgetfullness/Tortage Beach"
  • "The Damp Barachan Nights"
  • Speakpipe: Reply to Axel Grimwulf
  • Mailbag: Reply to Kuter
  • Outro

Special thanks to Tesh for the Battle Bards logo!

ten and a half years ago

This would have been great to include in this episode

ten and a half years ago

Great stuff. Memories of Cimmeria is by far my favorite song in the AoC soundtrack. The first and oldest toon I have is a Cimmerian barbarian and that toon was always in the background.

ten and a half years ago

What, no Keshatta?