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Sep 24, 2013

Embark on a journey with us overseas, as the Battle Bards sail to the lands of Lineage 2.  It's a plus-sized soundtrack with surprisingly good music, and we're all about bringing you the best of the best.  Except for the one track that Syl held back for show 13 because she wanted to spite Syp.  Not that Syp is bitter.  It's a musical journey of cymbals, sunsets, and unicorn dreams.  But what else would you expect from this show?


Episode 12 show notes

  • Introduction (including After the Storm and The Beginning of Gracia)
  • Opening: Call of Destiny
  • Counterattack
  • The Final Decisive Battle
  • Temple of the Moon
  • Praise the Victorious Knight
  • Merchant Ships from the East
  • Floran Theme
  • Mailbag: Ian
  • Outro (Unicorn Rest)

Special thanks to Tesh for the Battle Bards logo!

ten and a half years ago

Just finished the latest podcast. I continue to be really impressed with your show. The three-way discussion is fun to hear; the comments are well thought out; there is a real passion to your show.

I don't play a lot of MMOs (I'm sure I'll never play Lineage) but this show is great! I know it takes a lot more time and hard work than the 60 minutes we hear on the podcast. The passion and quality really comes through. Keep up the great work!

Rory McClure
ten and a half years ago

Hey just finished the latest podcast. I am so impressed with you guys. The discussions are great, thoughtful, fun and really interesting. Great having the three-way dialog.

I don't play a lot of MMOs or other games (I doubt I'll ever play Line-Age) but I'm really enjoying the show! I know it takes a lot more time and hard work than the 60 minutes we hear on the podcast. I just want to say that the quality comes through and I really appreciate what you've created!

almost eleven years ago

Hi Zulika,
thanks for the kind feedback - happy you're enjoying the show! :)

Zulika Mi-Nam
almost eleven years ago

Heya guys,

I would first like to thank you all for your efforts putting together a great podcast. Not only is the subject matter of great interest to me, but the variance of your opinions on the pieces discussed have me agreeing with someone different all the time -you guys make a great team!

When listening to this episode I could not get the melody from Praise the Victorious Knight out of my head and I knew I had heard it before. Eventually Pandora shoved the song upon me later on in the week. It was...the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. Here is the version I usually hear -

Anywho, thanks again and keep up the awesome!