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Jan 7, 2014

The Battle Bards are welcoming 2014 with a heaping dose of DEATH!  Dead MMOs, that is.  Sit right back as we take you on a musical journey through sunsetted games.  Even though you can no longer play them, their ghosts live on through song!


Episode 19 show notes

  • Introduction (including "Karakorum" from Auto Assault and "World Map 2" from The Sims Online)
  • "Freedom Theme" from City of Heroes
  • "Birth of a Player City" from Star Wars Galaxies
  • "Little Girl / Guild Hall" from Meridian 59
  • "LoadingH" from The Matrix Online
  • "Blue Turns to Grey" from Tabula Rasa
  • "Met With Honor" from Warhammer Online
  • "Griddle Forest" from Glitch
  • Which one was our favorite?
  • Outro ("Rattle Tooth Theme" from Dungeon Runners)

Special thanks to Tesh for the Battle Bards logo!

ten and a half years ago

Here is another game that is dead. Lords of Empyria/Panterra was being developed by Realms Network...owned by Fred Arbona. This game never made it out of alpha/ it was DOA.

Music for the game:

P.s. I was one of the alpha testers for the game.