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Mar 4, 2014

A long time ago the Battle Bards gave their frank analysis of the immense Guild Wars 2 soundtrack.  While that podcast won several awards and is now being used as standard class curriculum in all primary schools, the original Guild Wars has remained untouched... until now.  Join the crew as they travel back to 2005 to see how the original OST stacks up against its sequel!

Episode 22 show notes

  • Introduction (including "Prophecies Theme" and "Resplendent Makuun")
  • "First Light"
  • "Ashford Abbey"
  • "Over the Shiverpeaks"
  • "Under the Dark Span (Asura theme)"
  • "Eye of the Storm"
  • "Factions Theme"
  • "Festival of Lyss"
  • Which one did we like most?
  • Mail: Joseph's speakpipe (JVT Workshop)
  • Mail: Rory's speakpipe
  • Mail: Doone
  • Outro ("Alternate Theme")

Composed by Jeremy Soule

Special thanks to Tesh for the Battle Bards logo!